IQF means...
(Individually Quick Frozen)

Whether used as a noun (Individually Quick Frozen) or verb (Individual Quick Freezing), IQF means that your vegetables have been:
button 1 Thoroughly WASHED and PREPARED to ensure their safety,
button 2 Gently SEPARATED and then...
button 3 RAPIDLY FROZEN so that large ice crystals do not form at a cellular level.
Did you know?

Our premiere IQF freezing technology not only preserves the natural flavor,
nutrition and texture of our vegetables; it also prevents them from sticking together
the way other frozen products do.
This makes them as easy to use in
restaurants and busy food
production kitchens as they
are simple and easy to use
in commerical frozen
Summer / Fall Spotlight.
IQF Bell Peppers.kale

Grown in one of California's finest and most renowned growing regions, our organic and conventional bell peppers, available as Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) or Moisture Balanced, are trimmed, washed, optionally moisture reduced, minimally heated, prepared, cooled and then quick frozen to lock in nutrition and superior taste and texture. Best of all, they are all natural, containing no additives or preservatives.

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