NEW Moisture Balanced™ IQF.


Moisture Balanced™ Ready-to-Eat IQF vegetables yield all of the convenience and ease-of-use of our traditional IQF vegetables with added appeal. Offering intensified flavor, concentrated nutrition, vivid harvest-fresh color and more vegetable solids per pound than our traditional IQF line, GC Farms’ Moisture Balanced™ IQF vegetables are produced using the combined technologies of dehydration and our proprietary freezing process to gently eliminate some of the free water that exists in even the highest quality traditional IQF vegetables.

Offering unsurpassed performance in fresh, frozen and refrigerated applications, our Moisture Balanced™ IQF vegetables have some enticing features. Compared to our traditional IQF line, there is even less clumping that occurs creating a truly free-flowing product, flavor and color are even more intensified, nutrient content is increased because fiber and nutrients are more concentrated, and any syneresis, or weeping, is virtually eliminated.

Moisture Balanced™ vegetables also offer some appealing usage and storage differences. Just one pound of Moisture Balanced™ vegetables is approximately equal to two pounds of traditional IQF vegetables, and because the product contains less free water, transportation, handling and storage costs are all significantly reduced.

In the kitchen, Moisture Balanced™ vegetables can be used wherever traditional IQF would be used, including any application where fresh picked vegetables are desired such as in pizzas, salsas and sauces, frozen entrées, breakfast dishes, sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas, cheese spreads, soups and more, though they are most notable in applications where weeping may have been a previous issue such as in pizzas, sandwiches, wraps and breakfast dishes.

Our most versatile frozen product to date, we are excited by the possibilities Moisture Balanced™ IQF vegetables offer. We cannot wait to see all of the innovative ways our customers will incorporate them into their ever-changing culinary repertoires.